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about us

L.A Aviation is a leading provider of private aviation, offering an enhanced experience in all aspects of luxury and corporate jet travel. L.A Aviation has become a reliable, private jet provider for clients around the world. Changes in the airline industry have created a demand for private jet travel. As a result, we have assembled a team of affiliate companies whose high standard of service reflect the high values of our clientele.

With travel agents available 24/7 and access to over 6,000 aircraft worldwide, including helicopters, turbo props, light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets and even jet airliners, L.A Aviation is more than capable of handling any and all requests that you might have. When you choose to fly with L.A Aviation, you regain control of your time and are able to schedule business and personal travel according to your own agenda. Allow us to provide you with the best jet charter experience, and prove that we can satisfy your most demanding expectations.

Fly private and avoid having to stand in a long line to take off your shoes. Executives who utilize our services enjoy more time relaxing and less time getting a pat down. They know that by flying on an executive jet charter means they won't have to struggle with abrupt cancellations, layovers and unscheduled delays.

why us


Commercial aircraft are over 25 years old. Private jets are usually newer, allowing better safety.


Jet charter flights are booked around your schedule and additional services can be added based on your preferences and needs.


When you charter a jet, you avoid spending hours per flight in security lines, connections, checking-in, or waiting for your luggage.


Private aircraft are designed to offer luxury and comfort. You can enjoy ample space and receive personal attention from staff.